Applying Powder Under Foundation 😳| Makeup Hack for Oily Skin : Yes Or No ?? | Maya Montri

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Today I wanted to film Applying Powder Under Foundation 😳| Makeup Hack for Oily Skin : Yes Or No ??.I ‘ve been seeing this hack all over youtube and since I have oily skin , I wanted to find out if this works for me! I used the Banana loose Powder from Ben NYE and the Bourjois el Foundation in 58.
I loved filming this today for you ! I hope you guys enjoy this video! l love chatting with you guys !
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  1. Kelly pie says:

    There’s a new technique Ive tried, if you feel that the translucent powder would be too light, apply the translucent powder and dust it off with color powderπŸ€—

    • Kelly pie says:

      Maya Montri lol I know right I never knew until 2 weeks ago when someone took a picture of me with a flash lol it was a good idea at all πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    • Maya Montri says:

      Kelly thank you! Ive never tried this, but I will next time!Most of the time I don’t go for translucent powder because I once used it and I literally looked like a ghost πŸ˜‚

  2. Mallory Armstrong says:

    this is so cool!

  3. Dabby Paris says:

    i love your into.
    this is very interesting powder first this would work well for oily skin.

  4. callmeLails says:

    Thumbs up #12 thank you for trying this hack I have been super curious xox big hugs thanks for sharing.

  5. Vineetha Menon says:


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