Quantum ActiveScale and the Weka File System

Efficiently Manage and Protect Your Data-Intensive Workloads

Workloads like AI, machine learning, high-performance analytics, and life sciences research are creating massive data sets that require high performance, low latency, and massive scale. Traditional scale-out NAS systems simply can’t handle massive parallel processing needs and are often bottlenecks to productivity, which can directly impact your business as research results and insights take longer. Protecting and preserving this data using traditional methods can also be costly and lead to the risk of ‘data silos.’

Achieve Optimal Performance with an Integrated Solution

Quantum’s ActiveScale™ object storage and the Weka file system provide an integrated solution for accelerating your data pipeline, lowering research costs, and keeping data protected and secure. The components of this solution include:

ActiveScale Object Storage: Quantum ActiveScale object storage serves as the object store data lake to provide massive-scale storage for billions of files and hundreds of PBs at the highest levels of data durability. ActiveScale’s unique data placement technology provides performance between the Weka file system and the object store data lake, while ActiveScale’s predictive data repair capability ensures the system is always available. With ActiveScale proactive monitoring and repair, a single administrator can easily manage a 100+ petabyte archive, reducing operational expenses significantly.

Weka File System: The Weka file system is a high-bandwidth, low-latency file system for intensive workloads. It outperforms traditional scale-out NAS systems and has been designed specifically for workloads in AI/analytics, life sciences, and financial services analytics.

The Weka file system includes an integrated cloud tiering function, tightly integrated with the ActiveScale object store optimized for performance. ActiveScale object storage acts as a low cost, protected expansion of the file system namespace. Additionally, the file system snapshots can be copied to the object store for data protection.

ActiveScale and WekaFS


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Business Benefits

  • 10x Faster than Traditional Scale-Out NAS: Weka’s unique architecture is designed for I/O-intensive workloads, and can feed application clusters and GPU clusters with the bandwidth they need.
  • 41x Faster with NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage Support for GPU Servers.
  • Persistence Volume Support with Kubernetes CSI Plug-in.
  • Designed for Massive Scale: Both the Weka file system and ActiveScale object storage are designed for massive-scale data sets – billions of files, and hundreds of petabytes of data.
  • Ultimate Protection at the Lowest TCO: ActiveScale provides the highest levels of data durability – it is the safest place to store your critical data sets, at the lowest TCO.
  • Easy to Deploy and Manage: The Weka file system can be deployed on standard NVMe storage servers with a simple intuitive user interface. And ActiveScale software is constantly monitoring and repairing the storage system so even at massive scale it requires almost zero touch.

Business Outcomes

  • Accelerate the Data Pipeline: Faster performance means your data scientists will develop algorithms faster, analysts will gain market insights faster.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Faster time to insight, faster time to results means your business will pull away from the competition.
  • Reduce Operational Expense: Storing and protecting these data sets using traditional methods is expensive, complex, and in many cases simply impossible. Moving to a self-protecting data lake eliminates complexity, and a single administrator can easily manage a 100+ PB data lake.
  • Handle Any Workload: Future-proof your storage infrastructure so you can take on any project, handle any workload, and prevent your storage from holding back your business and your mission.