ActiveScale Object Storage with AWS Outposts

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Scalable S3 Storage for your AWS Outposts Environment

Outposts seamlessly extend your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) into your physical data centers and edge locations to run select AWS services on locally deployed Outposts racks and servers with connectivity to a broad range of AWS in-region services.

As the industry’s only object storage platform architected for both active and cold data, ActiveScale Object Storage is the ideal solution for S3 data services for AWS Outposts.

Featured Benefits


Maintain Data Residency While Reducing Storage Costs

Keep sensitive data inhouse for local processing, data residency, and regulatory and inhouse policy compliance.


Streamline IT Operations

Build and operate your data center with familiar AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools.


Simplify IT with Fully Managed Infrastructure

Reduce the time, resources, and operational risk of on-premises infrastructure with fully managed services from AWS and Quantum.

Meet Your Needs for IT Agility with ActiveScale and AWS Outposts

Meet Your Needs for IT Agility with ActiveScale and AWS Outposts

ActiveScale Object Storage and Quantum Object Storage Services are deployed in data-intensive use cases such as manufacturing process flow, financial analytics and high frequency trading, media content production and management, healthcare, regulatory compliance, gene sequencing and analysis, and artificial intelligence and deep learning.

  • Verified Compatibility with AWS Outposts: ActiveScale is AWS Outposts Ready. S3 features include strong consistency, versioning, encryption, object locking, and replication.
  • Industry’s Lowest Storage TCO: Active (S3 Standard) and Cold (S3 Glacier) Storage Classes deliver up to 80% lower cost than alternative solutions.
  • Available as-a-Service: Quantum Object Storage Services provide flexible pay-as-you-grow pricing, 7x24 support, and seamless expansion.

ActiveScale provides S3 services for AWS Outposts in support of latency-sensitive applications

ActiveScale provides S3 services for AWS Outposts in support of latency-sensitive applications, ingest of data from local systems and devices, and local data processing, due to data center dependencies or to comply with data residency requirements.

  • Simple Management, Unlimited Scale: ActiveScale’s unrivaled two-layer scale-out architecture meets the performance needs for billions of objects and capacities from terabytes to exabytes.
  • Always Available Data Access: Advanced erasure coding, regional geo-spreading, and replication to AWS S3 targets maximize data access and productivity.
  • Extreme Data Durability and Security: Ongoing monitoring and repair ensure that data is secure. Protect against ransomware with authenticated access, immutable, encrypted objects, and traceability.

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