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How does Quantum report on Compliance to SLAs?

Quantum operates an Online Service Request System (OSR). New customers open an account in the OSR System and log service requests electronically. The OSR System collects all information related to service requests including:

  • Time SR is initiated;
  • Continuous capture of interactions between customer and tech support;
  • Time stamps on all activates;
  • Time of closure of SR.

Histories of all service requests are maintained in the OSR files and are accessible to customers at any time. Customers can generate their own summaries of SRs logged, open and closed on demand. Additionally, Quantum will, upon request, provide a summary of all SR activity to the customer.

Who is authorized to resell Quantum Services?

Quantum has an extensive network of partners who are authorized to resell Quantum Services which, depending upon geography, program and partner certification could include co-branded or partner-branded Services.

How can I tell whether a particular company is an authorized channel partner to Quantum?

You can verify a partner’s status via Quantum’s Partner Locator tool. For Product resellers, please consult this link: For Certified Quantum Service Partners, please consult this link:

Does Quantum provide installation services?

Quantum or an authorized service provider provides installation services for customers that prefer professional installation of their Quantum product. Installation Services provide the customer with overview training on product operation and proper handling procedures. Quantum’s StorageCare® Installation Services include:

  • Inspecting the product for any damage that may have occurred during shipment;
  • Uncrating the product, rack mount kit, etc. and removing shipping materials;
  • Leveling and alignment (if applicable);
  • Attaching the product to the host device or network;
  • Exercising the product to ensure successful connection;
  • Providing product overview and proper handling instructions.

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Is there a difference between installation and configuration?

The key to successful project completion, whether large or small, is smooth configuration of networked storage components. Building on the successful completion of your Quantum product installation, Quantum can provide configuration services to ensure success of your overall data protection plan. These services include any or all of the following:

  • Hardware configuration – install and configure networked storage hardware;
  • Custom product configuration – once the product is installed and working successfully, incorporate custom configuration that may be required for your environment;
  • System testing and debugging – test and debug process of all the networked storage hardware and software to ensure successful integration of all components.

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Do you have a help desk for after sales service or warranty support?

Quantum provides a Web based online service request and order traceability capability. Service requests can be submitted online, by phone or via email.
Quantum Support call center locations are:

  • USA: Colorado
  • EMEA: United Kingdom
  • APAC: Malaysia

They are available for receipt of customer service requests 24 hours per day, seven days per week wherever the customer is on the globe. Response times are defined by the Warranty or Service Agreement applicable to the equipment installed. These call centers provide delivery of 4 hour on site response after problem determination to critical problems for Gold Level customers anywhere in the world that Gold Service is available. Online Service Requests:

  • Quantum’s Online Service Request System allows you to log and track service requests on all of your eligible Quantum products.
  • In addition, you can add attachments and receive email updates on service request real-time.
  • Quantum’s Online Service Request System allows you to easily manage your service requests with Quantum.
  • Go to to access Quantum’s Online Service Request tool.

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What tools are used by Quantum in the support process for DXi products?

Tools used by support teams and available for customer use include StorageCare Guardian monitoring and alerting. This tool continually monitors hardware and software status of DXi-Series systems in any location and links data to Quantum’s service team and/or to the end user. StorageCare Guardian provides alerting functions, log download, and remote corrective action capability.

What training does Quantum offer?

Quantum’s StorageCare Learning Team offers a range of online and hands-on courses—tailored for any skill level--to help customers familiarize themselves with their Quantum solutions quickly and develop the capability to maximize the return on their investment.

Quantum is unique in offering training material as part of the acquisition of Quantum product. This training is available through the Quantum Support Website.

Quantum Learning Services offerings include product and operations training that will build the skill level and productivity of your team, leading to operational excellence in the results you deliver to your business.

The offerings and the Quantum team are flexible and able to adapt to individual customer situations in order to address the need for more in-depth training of current staff or to address primary training needs of newly hired team members.

What automatic (electronic) alert/escalation processes are in place to create an immediate notification to the services manager of major service level problems?

Quantum Service Management put in place a procedure that drives an automatic alert/escalation of situations that cannot be resolved within timeframes normally expected. This procedure addresses the response of Quantum’s Service Manager and the service teams managed by the Service Manager to such situation.

The procedure is designed to:

  • Define characteristics of a situation that, if they exist, require service personnel to to escalate the problem and situation to higher levels of management;
  • Set criteria for the generation of communications with the customer, advising the customer, that a situation cannot be handled within the normal response time frame, or may require extraordinary efforts to resolve.
  • This includes the steps to take in setting up a process of continuous dialogue with the customer until the situation is resolved and closure after the incident is complete.

Is installation and configuration included in the product purchase price?

Quantum provides installation and configuration services for Quantum products. The prices for these services are set for each product individually.

  • Customer installable products: some products are customer installable. These products are listed in the warranty table of the terms and conditions found at: If requested, Quantum will install and configure such equipment at then current installation and configuration prices for such services.
  • Quantum installable products: some products are not customer installable. These products are listed in the warranty table of the terms and conditions found at: These products are installable by Quantum field service teams. These services are usually purchased and scheduled as part of the equipment purchase process.

How will Quantum shield me from cross vendor issues where each vendor claims the other is the problem?

Quantum is committed to providing the kind of proactive, rapid-response multi-vendor support needed in today's heterogeneous environments. When technical challenges arise, we take immediate ownership of the issue and, when needed, work with your other vendors to find the right solution quickly. We strive to ensure worry-free support for a range of server platforms, operating systems, disk providers, or backup software. Learn how we do it at:

My StorNext ProSolution contains a spares kit. How do I handle a failed component from my StorNext ProSolution spares kit?

We have included a spare RAID controller and additional disk drives with the ProSolution. If you suspect that one of these components has failed, please open a call with Quantum as you normally would. Quantum will diagnose the failure, authorize you to install the good component from the spares kit and then authorize a replacement part for the failed part.

Does the warranty on my Q-Series storage include updates to firmware?

No, a firmware update is only available to customers who have purchased a valid Quantum Service Contract. If you are in need of a firmware update and do not have a contract, you must first purchase a valid service contract. Please contact your Quantum Sales Team.

How does the concept of customer replaceable units (CRUs) fit into the Quantum support model?

Technology advances enable extensive modularity in data storage and networking equipment and have provided increased reliability and performance. The modularity makes it possible for customers to engage in the removal and replacement of many of the components that might fail. The impact is that equipment is repaired more quickly and with less disruption to customer operations than in the past.

Quantum is incorporating this concept into its service model and has experienced positive response from its customers in the process. A key factor in the facilitation of this model is the availability of information on CRU components in every Quantum product. This includes well-written instructions on how to replace each component. This material is obtained through Quantum’s Customer Self Service Portal, . At this location customers can identify all customer replaceable items for their equipment and can access the directions for replacement.

Combined with access to Quantum Technical Support Professionals, available to all users who maintain equipment service agreements, this model reduces the time to problem resolution and repair.

What is an Unauthorized Service Provider?

An Unauthorized Service Provider is any company who (a) is not a Quantum authorized channel partner, or (b) is a Quantum authorized channel partner but is offering you a third party brand of service outside of any of Quantum’s authorized channel Service programs.

Who is authorized to resell Quantum Services?

Quantum has an extensive network of partners who are authorized to resell Quantum Services which, depending upon geography, program and partner certification could include co-branded or partner-branded Services.

How can I tell whether a particular company is an authorized channel partner to Quantum?

You can verify a partner’s status via Quantum’s Partner Locator tool.

For Product resellers, please consult this link:

For Certified Quantum Service Partners, please consult this link:

I do not see a particular partner on the list, but they claim to have a business relationship with Quantum. How should I understand this?

Many Unauthorized Service Providers use misleading language to suggest a relationship that does not exist. If you have questions about their certification status with Quantum, please contact: DL-CertifiedQuantumServiceProviders@Quantum.Com

Why are Quantum’s Services so much more expensive than Unauthorized Service Provider offerings?

Quantum’s flagship StorageCare Services are priced competitively and we believe the prices reflect the value Quantum’s StorageCare Services deliver. No Unauthorized Service Provider can provide you with the global coverage, deep technical expertise and peace of mind. If critical or unique product issues arise, an Unauthorized Service Provider will not have access to Quantum's sustaining and product engineering teams, leaving you in a potentially unrecoverable situation. We believe no one knows Quantum assets better than we do and that the price differential reflects the value differential.

Can Unauthorized Service Providers address my need for replacement parts?

Not really. Quantum does not sell replacement parts to unauthorized parties. Any parts USP have are likely procured on the gray market or are salvaged from retired systems. They most certainly will not have the latest firmware available. These spare parts have dubious origins and are not up to Quantum standards.