woman wearing Pajamas as an outfit
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Pajamas as an outfit

I recently bought these “pajamas” by Sea, that I wear as a matching two piece set. What’s the difference? Looks like a cute outfit to me.

Pajamas as an outfit

If this outfit is pajamas (and it is labeled that way), it’s what regular “outside” clothing should be like. It’s made of lightweight, breathable cotton that doesn’t wrinkle easily, has pockets, is roomy and comfy but still has a cute silhouette and fun details. So why can’t I wear it as an outfit? Answer: I do wear it as an outfit, and make no apologies for it. Pajama outfits forever!

Most clothing in stores these days is mostly made of synthetic fabric, and while I have plenty of that in my closet (just ask my vintage polyester suits!), I will reach for cotton over anything when searching for something to wear all day. Especially in Florida’s humidity. It’s always more comfortable, and I love the look of a good quality, soft and lived in cotton. Same for linen, although the wrinkles drive me a little batty, sometimes.

I didn’t care that this outfit was labeled as pajamas; I knew I’d wear it out over and over, so I splurged a bit during one of Shopbop’s sales. And wear it out I have: I’ve already worn it 3 times since I ordered it, and it hasn’t even been two weeks! If you love it, I do recommend waiting until tomorrow for the big Black Friday sale on Shopbop, so you can get a discount. I have been eyeing a few things and crossing my fingers that they don’t sell out before the sale!

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