cruella de vil inspired outfit disney bound
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Cruella De Vil inspired outfit

woman wearing Cruella De Vil inspired outfit
woman in cruella de vil inspired outfit disney bound
woman wearing black and white outfit

Outfit Details:

STAUD polka dot top

polka dot culotte shorts (only $16 — but size up!)

Havaianas Cruella flip flops

heart sunglasses

red beret (old)

Cruella inspired wig

Cruella De Vil inspired outfit

If you traded the wig and two-toned flip flops (how fun are those, by the way?!) for a bow and some red or yellow shoes, this would easily go from Cruella De Vil inspired to Minnie Mouse. Both are style icons, if you ask me. But as much as I love Minnie Mouse…can I just say how much fun it is to be a villain for a day? Granted, I didn’t do anything bad, but even dressing as one was the most fun I had in weeks. No puppies were harmed, don’t worry! But I had to visit this Disney resort (All Star Movies) and check out the 101 Dalmatians section for the photo ops. How cute is it? It was my first time visiting.

This outfit may look like a two piece matching set, but it’s actually separates from two different brands. The shorts come in 3 options, and thought they run pretty small, I sized up and didn’t regret the purchase. They have pockets!

I’m hoping STAUD will make this top in other colors and prints, because it is the perfect length and fit to pair with high waisted shorts, pants, and skirts. I don’t know why, but it’s so hard for me to find just the right crop that doesn’t show too much — so finding this one was very exciting. It’s been a staple in my closet for the past couple of years. Consider this post my way of manifesting more options of this shirt. Is that how manifesting works?

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  1. Linda J says:

    Our granddaughter Jasmine has permanent Cruella hair!! Glad she is beautiful no matter what kind of hair she has. 😂🥲