Providing organizations with the information and insight they need is a top priority at Quantum. Here, you'll find details of the topics we'll be covering next, and recordings of completed webinars.

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H4000 Essential and CatDV - Seamless Content Archiving to Backblaze B2

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The award-winning H4000 Essential is a fantastic way to get your entire content team’s assets and projects organized in one place, where you can collaborate together as you speed your work to completion.

The Dramatic Impact of NVMe on Your Content & Data Workflows

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In this session you’ll hear how customers are using this extreme amount of performance to truly upend workflows of all types, from virtual studio production, to high-speed camera ingest, to data replication, and backup workflows.

The First 4 Things to Do (After Installing H4000 Essential)

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You may have heard that the award-winning H4000 Essential is the fastest to set up shared storage and media asset management solution around – but probably wondered – what do I do once I’ve installed it? In this short session we’ll take you through the first four top things to do to get the most from your new H4000 Essential.

Simple, Scalable Management for Unstructured Data

Object Storage

With advances in data intelligence and automation, you can now fully understand your data assets and enable simpler management, higher performance, and better cost efficiency.

Deploying and Using StorNext in AWS

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In this session we’ll take you through StorNext in AWS, use scenarios, and show you a fully featured StorNext in AWS environment in action.

Speed Up Life Science Workloads While Reducing Costs with a Modern Data Platform

Object Storage

Quantum ActiveScale and WEKA combine to meet competing needs for both speedy access and affordable long-term retention to analyze and protect these valuable data sets. Join us for a review of our joint solution, customers, and key use cases.

The Ultimate Storage Media for Data Protection and Cyber Resiliency

Tape Storage

Tape is very much alive and well in the data center. With many advancements for cyber resiliency, density, and automation, tape can be utilized for a new range of applications. Quantum is a leader in this space and has a better together story with software partner Veeam.

Building Massive Data Stores – New Technologies for a Changing Landscape

Object Storage

Join Fred Moore, President of Horison Information Strategies, for his perspective on new technologies enabling the next generation of data archives for hyperscale, webscale and enterprise deployment.

Introducing the MyQuantum Service Delivery Platform


We are excited to be introducing the MyQuantum Service Delivery Platform which provides a new way to interact with Quantum service and support. It is a secure online portal that provides single sign-on access to all customer-facing resources.

Managing Unstructured Data Growth: Sources, Strategies, and Solutions


Are you struggling with managing massive unstructured data growth? Dealing with an outdated infrastructure? Video – for surveillance, for communications and training – and digital images represent the bulk of unstructured data being generated today.

Cold Data Storage: How Two-Dimensional Erasure Coding Changes Everything

Object Storage

In this session, join Quantum data management expert, Tim Sherbak, to drill down on the emergence of two-dimensional (2D) erasure coding as a cornerstone technology for the next generation of cold data storage solutions.

Building Cyber-Resilient Infrastructures in 2022 – Let’s talk tape!

Object Storage

Join Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Quantum to address the gaps with this approach and provide practical solutions and guidance to use tape as part of combatting ransomware and other cyber threats.

ActiveScale in an AWS Outposts Environment

Object Storage

AWS Outposts delivers AWS infrastructure and services to on-prem and co-located data centers using the same AWS tools and services as the AWS cloud.

How to Leverage AI & Automation to Optimize Video Management


Join this webinar featuring NVIDIA, Milestone Systems, and Quantum Corporation to understand how advances in computer vision, AI, and intelligent infrastructure increase safety, security, and operational efficiencies for cities, airports, transit systems, etc.

Mitigate Risk and Future Proof Data with LTO-9

Tape Storage

Tape technology like LTO-9 helps organizations mitigate the risk of cyberattacks, such as ransomware, by offering a layer of protection called air-gapping. Watch this informative video to learn more about the value, innovation, and benefits LTO-9 can offer to meet your data center's security and low-cost storage demands.

ActiveScale Object Storage: Everything you need to know!

Object Storage

A 3-part series Webinar on object storage that discusses on the overall questions on Object Storage, the Use Cases and the key architectural aspects of the ActiveScale.

Building an Ultra-Efficient, Large-Scale Archive with CatDV

Asset Management Platform

Quantum CatDV workflow and technology experts will show you how to build that ideal content archive as part of your asset management workflow, that is ready to scale by leveraging your ideal mix of on-site and private cloud technology.

Unleashing High-Performance, Agile Research Workflows with StorNext 7 and NVMe

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How Virtual Machines, Containers, and Docker Orchestration on Shared Storage NVMe Help Researchers Break Through Barriers. Watch this on-demand, fast-moving discussion about the challenges facing data scientists face today – lessons learned, and best practices from delivering a high-performance workflow.

Collaboration Just Got Easier

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Deploy the world's fastest collaborative shared storage system everywhere you need collaboration and productivity quickly - for a new team or project, to replace non-performing workflow storage, or jumpstart live event production and on-set workflows.

Edge Data Processing Just Got Easier

Edge Storage

Watch On-Demand Webinar to learn about our latest solutions to make it easier to capture and analyze data at the edge, and manage data across its lifecycle between edge/core/cloud.

Immutable Object Storage to Protect Against Ransomware

Object Storage

The adoption of object storage is growing, and more and more enterprises are turning to object storage with object locking for immutable protection of backup data for compliance and long-term retention.

The Anatomy of a 100-Year Archive for Unstructured Data

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Watch the on-demand webinar to hear Fred Moore, Horison Information Strategies, and Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Product Marketing, discuss creating long-term archives.

StorNext 7 on the Quantum H4000 Series

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Take your collaboration, insights, and solutions more places than ever before with the full capability and power of StorNext 7, the world’s fastest collaborative shared storage system.

StorNext is the Fastest File System for Video Workloads

File System

Using the widely recognized SPEC SFS industry benchmark, Quantum StorNext® set a new bar for performance when it comes to video workloads.

Remote Production: Best Practices for Producers, DP's and Post Professionals

Asset Management

Quantum presents remote collaborative editorial workflows using Adobe, StorNext, and CatDV!

Quantum + Veeam - Lock Ransomware Out Webinar

Tape Storage

How To Expand Data Management & Analytics Capabilities with CatDV

Asset Management Platform

Join Eric Bassier, Senior Director, Product Marketing; Dave Clack, General Manager Cloud Software and Analytics to see how CatDV can expand data management and analytics.

Special Federal Government Virtual Event; Managing the Cost and Complexity of Data Storage Within Federal Agencies

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An informative discussion between ViON & Quantum technical leaders, in which they discuss how agencies evaluate storage solutions to better meet demands for accessibility, security, and compliance now and into the future.

Hierarchical Storage Insights Featuring Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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NVMe: Driving Changes in Traditional M&E Storage Hierarchy

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