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Beauty Pie Skin Care and Makeup

I get excited about trying new skin care. It’s just something I love — my type of beauty is skin forward. But several of my favorite skin care products are a little pricey, and I am always looking for more affordable options to recommend. I have a few go-to brands for that, but I was really intrigued when I first read about Beauty Pie. Forbes said they are “shaking up the beauty industry” — and I had already watched a glowing review from a skin care guru I trust, so I was ready to give them a try. And as fate would have it, they reached out and asked me to test some of their products.

I’ve also been given a code KEIKOSENTME, which gives you $50 extra allowance in your first month. I’ve explained exactly that means, below!

How It Works

You pay a monthly membership (pricing structure below) in order to shop cost prices, with a limited allowance to use on purchases per month. Cutting out the middle man is a popular business model, and since there is usually a pretty astronomical price mark up on products, it can save consumers a great deal of money. But how does Beauty Pie make their money if they’re not marking up their products to traditional prices? The membership fee. Working in the beauty industry, you quickly learn that names have a lot to do with price tags, despite many products being made in the same laboratories.

Quality of ingredients and the formulas will affect the product’s efficacy — I’m not saying all products are created equally — but those exorbitant prices are majorly marked up from the actual cost. I always say that much of finding what works for you in skin care is trial and error, but that can be an expensive solution when trying out expensive products. That’s why Beauty Pie might be a great way for you to find what works for your skin — they’re luxurious formulas with direct to consumer costs.

Note that this is not a typical subscription service — you choose the products, and any unused allowance will roll into your next month. You can choose from makeup, skin care, candles, and fragrances. I focused on the former 2, with an emphasis on skin care. There are plenty of inexpensive makeup brands I love, but luxury skin care at cost prices? That would be the game changer. Still, I sneaked in a couple of makeup products to try out. I couldn’t resist that shimmery blush!

Pricing Structure

$99/YEAR: $100/month spending limit with 2 months free

$30/MONTH: $300/month spending limit

$20/MONTH: $200/month spending limit

$10/MONTH: $100/month spending limit

This was the only part that confused me: it took me a minute to realize the spending limit is based on the “typical price” (what you would pay) vs the “Members pay” price (what you’re actually paying). So if you have a $100 spending limit and add Jeju Daily Hydration Mist+ to your cart, that would count as $40 of your $100 allotment, though you’re only paying $10.59. The site makes it really easy for you to understand.

When in doubt, look to the bottom left of the screen to see how much you have remaining. It updates as you add things to your cart. 

What I’ve Tried So Far

I purchased 2 makeup products and 5 skin care products to test.  Along with my membership fee and shipping, I paid a total of $102.42. That’s less than I pay for one bottle of my favorite toner, and yes, my stomach did turn just a little when I typed that out. 7 products for less than the price of one. But were they any good? Let’s break them down. 


Shimmerbar in “Sugar Drip”: This is in the highlighter section, but it’s a cross between a blush and a highlighter. It’s lightly pigmented but buildable and gives a gorgeous glow. I’ve been wearing this daily (either over another blush, or on its own) and get a lot of questions about it. Of the two products I tried, this one was the standout.

Powderstick Matte Lip Crayon in “Blush”: I love matte lipsticks, but I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind the feeling of a true matte lipstick. This one felt more like a satin, and while comfortable and a pretty hue, I would’ve liked it to have more staying power. However, I like to use it almost as a stain: apply and then blot to leave a matte stain behind.

Skin Care

Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser: Truthfully, I wanted to buy the whole Japanfusion set and call it a day. It had great reviews, is the prettiest shade of pink (I guess I’m that girl), and I was intrigued. However, I wanted to try different things from different lines, so I just went with the cleanser. I love this cleanser. It’s a silky cream that turns into a milky consistency once you add water. It’s gentle, doesn’t strip your skin, and breaks down makeup really well. I usually like a straight oil or balm for my first cleanse at night, so I usually use it as my second — but I’ve used it as my first with good results.

Super Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream: I have a favorite, go-to retinol, but I’ve never used a retinol eye cream. I was intrigued! However, I was a little worried about using a retinol on the sensitive skin around my eyes. Would it be too strong or irritating? As it turns out, I find it to be very gentle, hydrating, and plumping. It has slow-release retinol microcapsules (which help reduce the appearance of wrinkles) and hyaluronic acid for hydration. If you have super sensitive skin, I would still recommend doing a patch test to err on the side of caution, as some are more sensitive to retinol than others.

Triple Hyaluronic Acid serum: My favorite hyaluronic acid serum is on the pricey side, so I’ve been looking for a less expensive alternative. The last one I tried was underwhelming and sticky, and though it was fine for night time it pilled when I tried putting anything on top of it. This one is not nearly as sticky, and I had no issues with pilling — but I still prefer this either at nighttime or with a bit mixed in with my moisturizer because it’s still stickier than my go-to. But for the price? Definitely worth it. It’s a cool $80 less and contains a lot more product.

Superdrops Flash Face Lift: I’ll admit, I’m probably not the target demographic for this serum, which is formulated for mature skin. So I can’t attest to the “face lift” effect — it’s more about ultra hydration for me, and using it as a preventative. So is this a miracle in a bottle for me? No, but with its formulation of hyaluronic acid and tripeptides, it does leave my skin feeling hydrated.

Jeju Overnight Moisture Superinfusion: This overnight moisture mask is by far my favorite product in the bunch. I prefer to use it as my final step at night, on top of the treatments to give my skin an extra shot of moisture. It goes on like a balm and just melts right in. I wake up with smooth, plump skin. I’m hooked! 

Have you tried Beauty Pie? Are you interested in giving it a shot? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Remember if you do give it a try, add KEIKOSENTME and get an extra $50 in your first allowance!

This post was sponsored by Beauty Pie. All opinions are my own.

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    Cute lip color! 🙂

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    Love these colors! Such a beautiful look!

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    This sounds like such a cool service – def going to check it out! Also, you look so stunning in this post! <3

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    I love your review and explanation of the membership structure. Looks quite expensive, but if it does the deed, then why not?

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    This looks really interesting! The products look really nice too!