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The Multi-chrome Pigment That Caught My Eye On Instagram

Kim and I were scrolling through instagram and she showed me these multi-chrome pigments from a makeup company I had never heard of: Chaos Makeup. They were sold out, so I bookmarked it and then ordered two as soon as they were back in stock: one for me, one for Kim.

They come in other multi-chrome shades, but I picked “Rebel Girl” for both of us: it has a teal/magenta/purple/green shift depending on how the light hits it. It’s not often that I see something on instagram and want to buy it immediately, but the videos of these multi-chrome pigments are so mesmerizing! Don’t expect too much from the packaging: it has a very DIY feel. But the pigment is fun and worth trying! I’m already planning on trying other colors.

The Multi-chrome Pigment That Caught My Eye On Instagram

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  1. Viva Glow says:

    Multichrome is the best eyeshadow for beginners.