milani eyeshadow palette tutorial
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Budget friendly eyeshadow palette tutorial

Last month, I used the Milani Pure Passion eyeshadow palette for the look in this post, and a few people requested me to feature it in a budget-friendly tutorial. When it comes to drugstore brands, Milani and NYX are two of my go-tos. Back when I was first getting into makeup at 18 (and I couldn’t afford the MAC shadows I was lusting after), I went for Milani shadow singles. They were great then, and they’re great now! I still  wear Milani Rose D’oro baked blush more than most of the blushes in my collection; I’m actually wearing it here.

I’m not going to lie — this palette isn’t going to be as amazing as some of my higher priced ones (I’m partial to the LORAC palettes, especially), but it’s pretty darn good. Some shades have better pigmentation and less fallout than others — but for under $15, it’s a great little palette. Check my tutorial below, and don’t forget to share on Pinterest!

Budget-Friendly Eyeshadow Palette Tutorial

milani Budget-friendly eyeshadow palette tutorial

  1. Starting with a freshly primed lid (I use Urban Decay primer potion, but a cream base or something like a Caviar Stick will work well), press “Biggest Flirt” into your lid, just up to the crease. Note that I said “press” — this will give you the best pigmentation without a ton of fallout.
  2. Using a smaller brush, pack “Late Date” into the outer edges of your lid.
  3. Sweep “Always Pink Of Me” through the crease with a fluffy brush, using it to blend out the first two shadows. If you end up blending too much (it happens!) just pick up some more of whatever shade you lost and pack it back in. I usually do this with the darkest shade, to give it a bit more drama.
  4. Line your lower lash line with brown pencil.
  5. Press “Afterglow” into the inner corners of your eyes. This one has more fallout because of the glitter, so you can also use your finger or use a damp brush for more control.
  6. Smoke out the bottom lash line with “Biggest Flirt.”
  7. Apply liquid liner to the top lash line. This NYX liner is my current favorite (as well as the Matte liquid) and they’re both on sale!
  8. Curl lashes, add mascara (or false lashes, in my case). Done!

p.s. the bow is from Brother and Sisters, and the lipstick is “Committed” from The Balm!

milani eyeshadow palette tutorial

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